Romy Valdez, PhD

My focus is to help people explore the big picture in their life, not just one symptom or challenge, and to begin the process of discovering what brings joy, meaning and purpose to daily living.

I have intensive training in clinical psychology from the Department of Psychiatry at both Dartmouth and Harvard Medical Schools. Over my 33-years as a practicing licensed psychologist, I have worked in a variety of settings helping children, adolescents and adults suffering from various diagnoses across all socioeconomic classes. I have expertise in providing therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. In addition, I have a specialty area that is holistic, melding traditional therapy with research-based wellness practices like yoga, meditation and sound therapy.

I have learned that often talk-therapy alone is not enough to achieve a sense of health and happiness in life. What appears to make a lasting difference is to take an inventory of your whole health including physical, emotional and relationship functioning, work and leisure activities and environmental factors. This information is used to determine what really matters in your life and what will ultimately support your well-being.

I have experienced this process of change through my own personal work combined with a devotional practice of meditation, yoga, sound/vibrational medicine and other spiritual practices. My passion and belief in this process of change comes from this personal experience and what I have witnessed in the many people with whom I have worked.

What I have to offer you is an effective and empowering way to bring the change you want to your life by, "learning from the teacher within".